The Management Summit is a great opportunity to network with other like-minded, progressive distributors who share your same concerns and challenges. Together you will learn valuable lessons to grow your business.

Included in the Management Summit agenda is the ChannelExChange program of private, pre-scheduled meetings between channel partners and new prospects.

Conducted in the suppliers’ private suites, they are an ideal opportunity to discuss future market strategies, especially as they relate to the new growth opportunities identified during the program sessions. Suppliers will be more inclined to choose channel partners who decide to evolve their business model to meet these market challenges, and your participation at the Summit and in ChannelExChange sends a clear message of your commitment to growth and a mutually beneficial partnership.
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For us the ChannelExChange has great value as it provides our management team the opportunity to meet with the executives from a number of our key suppliers at the same location.

- John Manes, DAHC/ EHC, FDHI

President & CEO, Spalding Hardware Systems

The 2013 Summit allowed me to explore new business ventures and have available immediate networking opportunities to advance those business objectives.  We have grown our business since 2013 and it wouldn’t have happened as quickly or successfully if it wasn’t for the 2013 Executive Summit.

- Matt Theby

Manager, Architectural Sales, Division of Lensing Wholesale, Inc.

It was critical added value.

Not sure I would have attended without these meetings.

[ChannelExChange] was not a factor in the beginning, but exceeded expectations and will be for the future.

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